Identify your team member:


Select the persona that best represents you or your team.

Corridor Warrior


Corridor warriors spend a lot of time away from their desks, either attending meetings or working from multiple company locations.

Desk-Based Worker


Desk-based workers spend most of their time at the office, in their immediate workspace.

On-The-Go Pro


On-the-go pros work more than half of the time away from the office, traveling and going to offsite meetings.

Remote Worker


Remote staff workers work full-time outside the office — at coffee shops, their homes or other locations.

Creative Professional


Creative professionals such as designers, developers, photographers and architects rely on technology to create precise and masterful work.



Engineers working on highly detailed graphics or large spreadsheets demand powerful workspaces that support intensive application workloads.

Field Worker


Field workers spend their time outdoors, in vehicles or at construction sites in a variety of conditions.