Now is the Time to Start Your Windows 10 Deployment

Article one of six: Four core elements to consider

The rollout of a new Windows operating system is a complex undertaking. There's a lot to consider:

  • Balancing the benefits of a new OS against the risk of business disruption
  • Employee resistance to change
  • Cost

When considering such a move, the two critical questions that must be answered are:

  1. Are the long-term gains worth the short-term risks; and if so,
  2. When is the right time to pull the trigger?

"Given the advantages of Windows 10, my team and I concluded the answers to those questions were an unequivocal YES and NOW."

Our decision to adopt Windows 10 came down to four core elements:

  • Windows 10 offers a robust security model built on a foundation of 64-Bit UEFI and Secure Boot, which includes advanced security measures Credential Guard and Device Guard. We are leveraging both of these components; the first to protect against Pass the Hash attacks, and the second to eliminate exploits, viruses and malware.
  • Many of your employees may already be using Windows 10 at home, making the environment familiar, and easing adoption in the workplace. Additional user-focused enhancements like Continuum and Hello make Windows 10 appealing to a greater number of worker profiles across the business.
  • Microsoft's new Windows as a Service delivery model provides the latest features and functionality via monthly updates and semi-annual upgrades. The remote and self-install function of Windows 10 makes an efficient and rapid deployment of this OS possible, not only improving the user experience, but also significantly reducing IT's time and expense by avoiding physical touches and desk-side visits.
  • Dell is committed to migrating 30 percent of our Windows endpoints to Windows 10 by the end of 2016, and 100 percent complete by the end of 2017. We know there's a significant amount of planning required before, during and post-deployment. If you're beginning to think about your own rollout of Windows 10 and worried you're behind, you're not.

Now is the time to prepare and get started.

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