Meet the Remote Worker

These users spend most of their time away from the office. They must turn home environments, or other remote locations like coffee shops, into productive work spaces. Give them the ability to be self-sufficient with the right technology.


SUPPORT A GROWING SEGMENT. These users are often left to fend for themselves, but predicted growth (+5%) will lead to more attention.

COLLABORATE. Increasing numbers of remote staff will drive the need for collaboration solutions such as desktop video conferencing.

GO MOBILE. Give remote users the freedom to work on the move with mobile devices and accessories.

Remote Workers

What are the needs of the remote worker?

Key needs

CONNECTIVITY. Connect to core office via telephone or video conference.

SELF-SUFFICIENCY. Create a complete office, including printing and access to data via cloud or VPN.

SUPPORT. Get easy access to extra IT support.

Occasional needs

MOBILE CONNECTIVITY. Connect and work when moving about.

MOBILE ACCESS. Get seamless access to tools and info on the go, via cloud or VPN.

MOBILE POWER. Charge up anywhere and anytime.

Workforce Transformation Checklist

Determine the best technology needed for your employees to make the transition to a more productive workforce.