A Proven Three-Pronged Migration Approach to Windows 10

Article four of six: Three paths to standardization

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In first three posts of this series, I talked about the planning and preparation we conducted to reach the deployment phase our 100 percent Windows 10 standardization by the end of 2017. We started with easiest, then moved to easy, while working through steps to more difficult.

Our deployment approach for Windows 10 is multi-pronged, taking us along three different paths to standardization: new hires and refreshes, wipe and reloads, and upgrades.

Refreshes and new hires. By far the easiest method of standardization is distribution of Windows 10 clients to new hires and via the Dell refresh cycle. Dell refreshes approximately one-third of clients each year. This, along with new hire clients, launched our deployment quickly with the least amount of lift from the team.

Wipe and reloads. If a team member walks into one of our technical support centers with a client issue that requires a wipe and reload of a previous OS, and assuming there are no compatibility issues, Windows 10 is now the standard offer. If the client does not require a full OS reload, but is upgrade-ready, technicians proactively offer the upgrade.

Upgrades. As part of our planning process we took inventory of our client population. Approximately 8000 clients within Dell are running Windows 8.1. The majority are running Windows 7. Using configuration manager we continually review and level-up clients with background updates to make them upgrade-ready. This method will allow us to qualify 95 percent of our clients needing a Windows 10 upgrade without technician intervention. The upgrade has been made available to onsite teams with list of systems eligible for in-place upgrade.

Clients running Windows 8.1 have the clearer migration path to Windows 10. We are clearing our final compatibility hurdles to begin mass upgrade of these 8000 clients beginning February 2017. Then we move to the larger migration of the remaining Windows 7 population.

Microsoft confirmed that our upgrade process follows best practices, a big win for the team. So far our setbacks have been few, more operational in nature than technical, and our progress to our goal remains steady. In my next post, I'll dive deeper into our upgrade work, and the bumps we've hit along the way.

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