Meet the Desk-Centric Worker

These users spend most of their day in a designated workspace

These users spend most of their day in a designated workspace. Create a space that lets them feel comfortable and work more efficiently. Set them free to multitask and maximize productivity – both at their desk and away from it.


GO MOBILE. Give them the freedom to move around the office and the flexibility to work from home. Move away from desktops to laptops with docking stations. Explore opportunities in HDD services and cloud storage.

HOT DESK. As staff become more flexible, hot-desking may increase, driving the need for noise-canceling headphones.

IMPROVING SHARING. Boost meeting-room productivity by cutting the reliance on cables, so users can wirelessly share information.

Desk-Centric Workers

What are the needs of the desk-centric worker?

Key needs

SPACE. Maximize desk space in tight places like cubicles.

COMFORT. Create a comfortable environment for stationary users.

SPEED. Support data-intensive or multitask roles with large/dual monitors.

Occasional needs

PERFORMANCE. Provide powerful processing to meet data-heavy needs/engineering roles.

FLEXIBILITY. Presenting away from desk? Give them the tools to share in meetings/conferences.

Workforce Transformation Checklist

Determine the best technology needed for your employees to make the transition to a more productive workforce.