Dell Canvas: the Evolution of Creativity

New design technology from Dell is set to revolutionize the way you create

Monster on computer

From cave paintings to computer animations, humans have always been driven to create. While the artistic desire to make our mark has remained constant over centuries, the methods and tools we use have evolved.

Today’s creators face unique challenges: According to a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of marketers are spending more time creating content than they did a year ago. To many professional creatives, it feels like the pace of work has reached a breakneck speed – due in part to expanding global markets and a near-constant need for fresh content on social media. Whether you create big-budget films or urban skyscrapers, having the right tools is integral to your company’s success. Luckily, your creative employees just got a powerful new muse.

For twenty years, Dell Precision products have given artists, designers and engineers the technology and processing power they need to bring their best ideas to life. Now, Dell is taking it a step further with the Canvas, empowering creators to bridge the gap and work at the speed of thought.

Designed to be as intuitive as possible, Canvas works in tandem with your monitor, so you can see and do in harmony. It’s great for audio, film or photo editing, allowing you to view projects in real-time without taking away precious work space.

Partners of the new Dell Canvas believe it’s the next great leap in creation technology, set to give their users a greater degree of freedom. Ask yourself: what will your team create with the Dell Canvas?