Meet the Corridor Warrior

These users spend most of their day moving about the building or campus. They want to seamlessly transition from desk to meeting room. So give them the tools they need to present, share and connect where they are.


INCREASE MOBILITY. Give them more flexibility, even from home by moving to lighter, more portable laptops. Switch some users to tablets and convertibles.

IMPROVE SHARING. Let users share information in meetings via wireless display or content sharing.

GO THE DISTANCE. Cater to specialist roles with more durable, rugged mobile devices.

Corridor Warriors

What are the needs of the corridor warrior?

Key needs

FLEXIBILITY. Seamlessly transition from desk to meetings.

CONNECTIVITY. Present and share info in meetings. Stay connected while on-the-go.

CONVENIENCE. Be more mobile with lightweight, portable devices.

Occasional needs

MOBILITY. Work away from the office when required.

PRINT. HR and high-level execs may need to occasionally print.

ENDURANCE. Sturdier mobile devices are ideal for specialist roles.

Workforce Transformation Checklist

Determine the best technology needed for your employees to make the transition to a more productive workforce.