How IT Influencers Can Anticipate Needs and Higher Expectations

Assess your employees' individual needs and ensure productivity is not compromised with outdated technology

Today's professionals have higher expectations for their technology — and IT influencers must anticipate their needs and understand their work routines.

The centuries-old constant of four walls and a desk has vanished. Today's workforce is adaptable, dynamic and responsive. To stay ahead, these mobile employees rely on IT to provide the fastest and lightest devices, ones that match or exceed the devices they already use at home. This Consumerization of technology is something that should be embraced — a principal that is a key part of Dell's design approach.

"Anticipating customers' needs five years before they arrive and meeting them there can be quite challenging," Ed Boyd, vice president of design for Dell, said in describing the needs of modern customers. "The only way to do that is to know the customer and know what is essential to their individual performance."

That means talking to consumers and designing with their feedback in mind. Dell's design process starts there — defining the workforce's daily obstacles and solving those problems, one by one.

How IT Influencers Can Anticipate Needs and Higher Expectations

Touch technology makes changing between devices more seamless

The days of using your fingers to interact with one screen while shifting to a mouse to control another are coming to an end. According to Gartner, touch screens will be shipped on one-third of all mobile PCs by 2018. This shift to touch screens is not only an organic response to the impact of smartphones and tablets, but also an increasing desire from professionals for greater standardized form and function across a full range of mobile devices.

When Microsoft designed Windows 10, the company imagined it not only as a more secure and robust platform for business, but also as an enabler for groundbreaking hardware. Chief among these new technologies is the seamless integration of touch interaction.

For the mobile professional stuck in a cramped airplane with little room for a traditional laptop, this changes everything. 2-in-1 laptops can easily transform into a tablet to remedy tight quarters. With a 10-point capacitive touch screen geared specifically for Windows 10, all your applications are accessible without a keyboard and mouse. The days of jockeying for elbow room with the passenger next to you to write an email or update a spreadsheet are officially over.

Performance materials that can handle the wear and tear of a normal day

Transitioning from a meeting to the airport lounge? You're not alone. More and more people are going mobile. This shift is creating demand for systems that are not only lightweight and visually appealing, but able to withstand the wear and tear of travel.

Carbon fiber, the same high-strength, lightweight material used by engineers at NASA, is just one example of the mobile protections being integrated with products like the Dell Latitude Series with Intel® Core processors.

There's also durable, scratch-resistant Gorilla® Glass to help protect from sudden impacts and a unibody magnesium alloy chassis built for easy grip and feel.

Wireless docking answers the reality of a constantly mobile workforce

Employees who find themselves moving back and forth between the office and the road will appreciate the latest in wireless docking technology. Requiring a one-time setup, the system allows a user to wirelessly connect up to two external displays, keyboard, mouse, audio and other peripherals to their laptop. Just walk within range of the wireless dock on your desk and your mobile screen will appear on your desktop screens.

When it's time to break loose, you can close your laptop and simply walk away. Technologies like the wireless dock are just another innovation helping business professionals bridge the gap between anchored and mobile.

Need to present on-the-go without a keyboard? The Latitude 2-in-1 easily detaches to transform into a powerful, full-featured tablet for professionals moving from the boardroom to the podium. It's the laptop of the future for those who need its power and convenience today.

These thoughtful design elements are woven into each business-class product from Dell — part of a commitment to tailored solutions for the way people work. They're meant to address a new workspace ecosystem that's no longer a "one size fits all" environment.

Is your workforce equipped with the technology they need for the way they work? Assess your employees' individual needs and ensure their productivity is not compromised with an out-of-date or inadequate ecosystem.

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