5 Secrets to Workplace Happiness

Keep your employees in good spirits which means less turnover and better corporate performance

Current research shows that happy employees perform at a higher level. A more fulfilled workforce means less turnover, more satisfied customers and better corporate performance. Below are five ways to keep your employees in good spirits, so your business can keep its edge. Learn how to foster a happier workforce by giving employees technology tools that will empower them.

  1. Up-to-Date Technology: 42% of millennials are likely to quit a job if it has "substandard" technology.
  2. Multiple Monitors: A second monitor increases productivity by 18%.
  3. Standing Desks: Stand-up desk workers save an average of 10 minutes a day (that's 1 whole week a year!).
  4. Work Where They Want: Only 55% of US employees say they are most productive at their desks. More than 20% already telecommute.
  5. IT & Management on the Same Page: Cooperation between departments and efficient, modernized technology, make all the difference.

New technologies, anytime, anywhere work habits and expectations of the workplace have put increased pressure on organizations. It's not about providing the right devices for employee productivity, but a workplace ecosystem that is innovative and secure. See how Dell and Intel® can help you create technology ecosystems for the way your employees work.

Workforce Transformation Checklist

Determine the best technology needed for your employees to make the transition to a more productive workforce.