Twenty Years of Precision

For 20 years, Dell Precision products have made the incredible possible. Experience the legacy firsthand.


Since 1997, Dell Precision technology has helped bring big ideas to life. Whether it’s used in the automotive, engineering or film industry, the Precision’s processing power lends itself to stunning results. As innovators, they’ve raised the bar again and again, creating the first dual-core workstation, as well as the first fully mobile model. We were even the first to equip workstations for VR. To celebrate Precision’s 20th anniversary, we’ve collected a few highlights:

Sports Cars in VR

In 2016, high-end auto maker Jaguar launched its highly anticipated I-PACE concept car. The vehicle was unveiled internationally via an interactive virtual reality experience powered by Dell Precision workstations. After previewing the exterior of the vehicle, guests were transported into the driver’s seat for an intimate view of the Jaguar I-PACE’s unique interior design, discovering hidden details and features all while getting a 360° view of Venice Beach.

“By choosing to use Social VR technology, they have redefined the product launch,” said Ross Wheeler, Head of Automotive at Imagination. “They set a new benchmark for any consumer brand experience, for any sector, for years to come.”

Ahead of the Wave

“There’s a lot more technology behind surfboards than meets the eye,” says Larry Bischmann, President of KKL Machine. The company uses Precision workstations at their locations in Florida, Australia, South America and France to reach new pinnacles of surfboard performance. KKL works closely with hundreds of different brands to shape their boards in AutoCAD and create a smoother ride for professional surfers around the world.

On-screen Magic

In Westeros, nothing strikes more fear in a soldier’s heart than the flying, fire-breathing power of Khaleesi’s dragons. To make those intimidating reptiles look real for HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’, the visual effects studio Pixmondo relied on Dell Precision workstations. Likewise, when Spiderman needed a new look, the effects team behind this year’s smash Spiderman: Homecoming used Precision power to make the friendly neighborhood web-slinger’s moves smoother than ever.

Director Christopher Nolan drafted Dell Precision workstations to bring the past to life in his most recent film, Dunkirk. The auteur, known for box-office smashes like Interstellar and The Dark Knight, used the amazing processing power of Precision to put audiences in the middle of gritty, heart-stopping scenes from World War Two. The film, and its effects work, seems destined for several Oscar nominations in 2018.