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British Army impressed as it road-tests Dell rugged devices deep in tropical Malaysia

The British Army

“The key to a successful operation is intelligence, troop training and equipment,” says Steve Heaword. And he should know. As technical director at Crib Gogh — which trials military-grade equipment and soldier systems for governments — and a jungle survival expert himself, Heaword understands what elements are necessary to support today’s modern soldier.

In the remote jungles of Malaysia, together with the British Army, he tested the Dell rugged range.

The British Army comprises more than 80,000 trained, full-time personnel and around 26,500 trained reserves. It is continually looking for the best equipment and technology to maintain its position as one of the world’s leading land warfare forces. The caveat is, it requires hardware that can stand tough environmental conditions where most others fail.

Jungle test environment

The Dell rugged range was tested in the Jelebu district of Malaysia, one of the most hostile places on Earth, comprising of mangrove swamps, river crossings, and primary and secondary jungles. “The devices performed admirably,” Heaword says. “In fact, they were the only devices to finish the Jelebu tropical trials capability, which is the level of professionalism expected in tier-1 military unit. Dell’s operational capability matches that level of professionalism.” In short, the Dell rugged range matched the equipment quality of a tier-1 NATO unit.

Rugged by name and by nature

The rugged range is equipped to handle extreme environments, including freezing conditions, solar radiation, and salt fog. Its screens have full glove-capable multi-touch functionality with anti-glare treatment, and dust and pressurised water protection.

The ideal military technology partner

Captain Merchant, an infantry officer with the U.K. Ministry of Defence, has first-hand experience of the advantages that technology can provide to soldiers. The capabilities of soldiers are enhanced by technology, which is increasingly a critical factor in achieving mission success,” he says. “Dell rugged devices provide us with a mobile, resilient information platform that allows us to process information rapidly across the battle space.”

The British Army
United Kingdom

Business Needs:

The British Army requires intelligent but resilient technology to help its armed troops initiate and conclude successful missions in inhospitable environments.

Business Results:

  • Confirms Dell rugged range as a tier-1 NATO unit
  • Processes information rapidly across battle space