Driving Mobility in the Motor City

Rocket Fiber uses Dell technologies to make mobile workers a differentiator

Driving Mobility in the Motor City

The once-maligned city of Detroit is in the middle of an impressive turnaround. After years of decline, the Motor City is on the rise, with people and businesses moving back and new investments flowing into the region. And if Rocket Fiber has its way, fiber-optic internet service will be at the heart of the turnaround for years to come – powering on-the-go mobile employees who can do their work from local cafés or even their own living rooms.

Relying on Dell to enable a mobile workforce

Rocket Fiber, a Detroit-based startup, offers fiber-optic internet service that it says is 1,000 times faster than the city's typical internet connectivity. As its business grows, Rocket Fiber is striving to meet its customers' demands for mobility and flexibility. "Everybody's looking for cloud-based solutions that can enable you to bring your work office anywhere," says Randy Foster, co-founder and CTO of Rocket Fiber. "Another trend is virtual reality and augmented reality, in which you'll start seeing the environment at work replicated in a virtual manner, where it feels like you're in the office when you may not be."

To meet these needs, Rocket Fiber chose Dell to help set up technologies to support its infrastructure and internal IT team.

Making Detroit the "work-from-home capital of the world"

Taking advantage of its Dell technologies and lightning-fast internet speeds, Rocket Fiber is achieving its goal of giving local workers more mobility. Rocket Fiber customer Detroit Labs, an area tech firm, is one such company. "It's allowing us to communicate more reliably," says Dan Ward, co-founder of Detroit Labs. "We try to promote the ability to work where you want to work, when you want to work." Another customer, downtown Detroit café ASHE Supply Company, is using Rocket Fiber to host mobile tech workers. "Having high-speed internet to get things done is crucial to helping this community build," says AJ Nichols, co-founder of ASHE Supply Company.

Going forward, Rocket Fiber has big plans for tech companies and mobile workers in Detroit. "Low-latency fiber internet enables people to really interact in real time," says Mark Hudson, the company's co-founder and CEO. "That's one of the great promises of fiber internet and Rocket Fiber. We believe it's going to make Detroit the work-from-home capital of the world."

Rocket Fiber LLC
Rocket Fiber LLC
United States

Business Needs:

As its business grows, Rocket Fiber is striving to meet its customers' demands for mobility and flexibility, including virtual reality and augmented reality.

Business Results:

  • Enabled a mobile workforce
  • Helped make Detroit the "work-from-home capital for the world"