Driving Racetrack Precision and Performance

JTG Daugherty Racing speeds past the competition with Dell mobile and IoT solutions

JTG Daugherty Racing, a NASCAR contender based in Harrisburg, North Carolina, uses analytics to evaluate engine and tire performance data from electronic control modules and testing rigs aboard its cars. With the results, technicians optimize suspension, engine, tire and other settings. But to compete better against larger teams, its crew sought new technology and mobile tools to analyze data during practices and races to boost performance—and wins.

Deploying Dell mobile tools and IoT technologies

The team chose Dell client solutions, Dell Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Dell EMC server technologies. “Racing has become very technical, and Dell is always on the cutting edge of what’s new and what’s best,” says owner Tad Geschickter.

Here’s how the solutions work:

  • Dell Precision 7000 Series mobile workstations with Intel® CoreTM processors power simulations and analyze scoring and timing data in real time.
  • Dell Latitude 15 5000 Series laptops run real-time decision-making software.
  • Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablets scan tire barcode data, collecting current data about their age, materials and measurements.
  • Dell Embedded Box PC 3000 tests shock absorber performance.
  • Dell Edge Gateway 5000 and 3000 devices collect real-time NASCAR scoring and timing data for every car on the track, sending it to the Dell Precision 7000 Series mobile workstations and Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablets.
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge servers in team offices and car transporters store data to simplify car setup at tracks.

By using Dell Precision workstations to build virtual cars and create race simulations, the team cut the time for the latter from 45 to 12.5 minutes. “What we do requires serious computing power,” says Tony Palmer, a team engineer. “That’s where Dell comes in. ...Faster simulations increase our productivity to help find that critical tenth of a second.”

The team saves hours using the Dell Rugged Tablet’s on-screen keyboard to quickly scan a tire’s barcode for age, weight and other metrics. “Our tire specialists have increased their productivity by 75 percent using Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablets,” says Geschickter.

Gives technicians a complete view of car performance

Now team technicians have a full picture of a car’s performance, plus real-time NASCAR data and other race information on their mobile devices. With their device dashboards, they can compare and analyze current and historical data, including track and weather conditions.

With this visibility, the team can improve driver performance even more. “In NASCAR, we process large amounts of data quickly to gain insights, and then develop conclusions and solutions,” says Geschickter. “Additionally, we leverage resources located in remote locations, so there is a need to move data to multiple points quickly. Dell provides solutions to accomplish this seamlessly.”

JTG Daugherty Racing
JTG Daugherty Racing
United States

Business Needs:

JTG Daugherty Racing wanted to gain a competitive edge and boost racetrack performance by gathering and analyzing engine, tire and suspension data faster and in real time while its cars are running practice laps or racing, so technicians could fine-tune settings to improve win rates.

Business Results:

  • Optimizes car performance during races
  • Gives technicians a complete view of car performance
  • Reduces race simulation creation time from 45 to 12.5 minutes
  • Boosts tire specialist productivity by 75%