Is your Workforce Equipped to Succeed?

COLDPLASMATECH decided that a range of laptop and mobile solutions to meet their employees' needs was the right solution

Is your Workforce Equipped to Succeed?

COLDPLASMATECH empowers personnel with IT to maximize performance and deepen customer engagement

A certainty in life is that one size does not fit all. In nearly every workplace, different workers have different roles and so require tailored solutions in order to work effectively.

COLDPLASMATECH has developed a pioneering treatment for clinicians caring for people with non-healing wounds with the use of the physical characteristics of cold plasma. And with around five million people in Germany alone suffering from these chronic wounds, the worldwide market potential for the solution is enormous.

As a result of this projected growth, the start-up decided to map several business models to decide how it should evolve to capture these markets. It decided that a range of laptop and mobile solutions to meet its employees' — sales personnel, support staff, and developers — specific work objectives, while also maximizing collaboration across its teams, was the right solution path for them.

Firm chooses a vendor with innovation at its core

After setting the scene for its transformation strategy in this way, the healthcare brand decided to approach Dell because of its commitment to new businesses. Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz, chief executive officer of COLDPLASMATECH, explains: "We know that Michael Dell supports entrepreneurship, and this is reflected in Dell's focus on start-ups." A member of Dell for Entrepreneurs team proposed a range of Dell mobile solutions to meet the start-up's specifications and enable its plan.

Helps attract talent to growing start-up

The company is confident about its future owing to the quality of its product and the talents of its personnel. Dr. Mahrenholz says: "We're a young and innovative firm, and our Dell solutions reflect that. In order to attract the right people, an employer needs to succeed at every level, and our IT rounds out our positive image as a company."

Boosts collaboration with touch-screen technology

One of the core needs of COLDPLASMATECH was to increase levels of collaboration between team members, and they followed this closely as Dell's solutions became introduced. The results so far are conclusive. "We've streamlined collaboration and note-taking during meetings with our Dell 2-in-1 convertibles. During meetings, we pass around one screen so that everyone can add their electronic notes to the same document. And we've created a repository for all our notes. It's a really useful reference tool," Dr. Mahrenholz says. Compared to previous, meetings are more effective thanks to improved levels of collaboration between personnel. Staff set their 2-in-1 convertibles to tablet mode and capture notes directly on-screen using a stylus, making these sessions more effective and efficient.

Enables day-long working on the go

An agile workforce is also a key part of any transformation. Dr. Mahrenholz often changes location during the day so he needs his tech to be lightweight and reliable. This type of worker is a 'corridor warrior' who seamlessly transitions from desk to meeting room to off-site locations, and requires effortless connectivity and a long battery life from his or her solutions. "I don't have to carry a heavy, bulky machine or a power cord around, and I know I have enough power to get me through a full day on the go and multiple meetings with my Dell Latitude," he says.


Business Needs:

COLDPLASMATECH wanted a range of mobile solutions that enhanced internal collaboration and deepened customer engagement.

Business Results:

  • Maximizes productivity across multiple work environments
  • Motivates employees and improves interaction with customers
  • Boosts creativity and collaboration with convertible 2-in-1s
  • Enables day-long working on the move with powerful battery